For anyone who haven’t joined recently :
(ie New Members during January) :

If you’ve recently submitted paper renewal forms & paid by cheque or renewed via the internet, don’t worry about a lack of response so far ! We have received them, but are holding off until mid Feb. so that the majority can be done together efficiently.
You’ll receive your renewal confirmation letters before the end of Feb.

For the remainder who haven’t renewed yet :

The current Membership Year ends at the end of Feb. 2019 (as on your membership cards). However, we accept & process renewal applications from the beginning of January through to end of March – extending your membership though to end of Feb. 2020.
(Renewal cost £25 for Full / Associate Members & £12.50 for Family Members.)

Membership “renewals” received in April or later are treated as if you’re joining as a new member (your membership will have lapsed at the end of March !). As such, the re-joining cost is as a New Member & the prompt renewal discount will not apply. Re-joining will cost £30 for Full / Associate members & £15 for Family Members.

If you’re already enrolled on the Direct Debit system, you need to do nothing unless your contact or bank details have changed – in which case can you please contact me urgently via email to let us know the new details.

For those renewing by BACS (bank transfer) payment, please ensure that you use the MROC bank Sort Code & account details as quoted on a recent membership form from the journal or from the website
(Older paper or journal forms have bank details for an account we’ve closed – so if used, you’re likely to lose the money as it won’t come to MROC !).

Can we also remind anyone using BACS or PayPal to ensure they add their name as a reference for the payment so that we can ensure payments are attributed to the correct members !

If you’d like to start using our well proven Direct Debit process to renew, could you please contact us during early February to give us time to set it up for you ready for payment towards the end of Feb. Subsequent years renewal will then require no action by yourselves, but you will be notified before the payment is due. Setting up the Direct Debit involves simply adding your Bank Account No. , Account Sort Code & address to our DD provider’s secure system. It only takes a couple of minutes & MROC does not see or have access to those details.

If members who’ve submitted renewals & paid hear nothing by the 1st week of March, please contact me.


Paul (Paul Muir),