Looking forward we are now in the planning stages for the Majors Memorial Trial, the booking is now open as we wait patiently for the bookings to come flooding in… This year we will be using the Ridgeway and Clenchers so competitors will require to tow their competition vehicle to sheep field on one of the days (sat or sun depending on what group you are in) unless your vehicle is legal to drive on the road.

Please help us by spreading the word out there. Details can be found on the website and on Facebook.

If you are interesting in helping out over the Major’s, we would love to have you on board, there is always something to do. Liz Guilding and I will be the Event Managers this year. Here are some of the rest of the team plus other jobs we are looking for volunteers are;


Clerks of Course: Hamish Grundy and Ben Tandy (and their merry men)

Bookings Officer: Phil Rock

Results: Tim Kemp

Rally Stewards: Richard Smith and Tony Birch

Competition Secretary: Martin Pittaway

Scrutineering: Richard Banks

Event Clothing: Liz Guilding

Competition Packs: Ruth Smith. Working together with Tim.

Caravan/Camping Sec: Jim Savage

Rally Control / Comms: TBC (Someone to communicate with the groups over the weekend, be that first point of call if there is an issue, to coordinate the radios over the weekend)

Chief Marshal: TBC - Someone who can organise marshals for the weekend, including group leading marshals, signing them on, providing the clipboards for each group, hi visibility tabards, fire extinguishers and radio’s. Helping with the signage around the woods to help direct the groups around and delivering a briefing to all marshals on the morning of the live event. This sounds like a lot of work but it’s fun having done this job myself may times.

Site Services: TBC - Helping with the set up on the site leading up to the event i.e. marquees, signage, refuelling areas, lanes for lining up. Check toilets/skips are ordered etc and also the dismantling of the site at the end of the event.

Signing On: Helping out in the marquee running up to and when the event goes live with competitor/navigators receiving their door stickers, wristbands, free gifts etc.

Ruth Smith will be helping with this however she cannot be in the marquee from when signing on opens to when it closes so please help us and split the work by doing a few hours each.

Packed Lunches: Kelly Cole. We need someone to help Kelly with handing out the lunches on both mornings as we are using 2 areas.

Caterers: TBC – Classic Catering are no long supporting the event.

First Aiders: We are looking for registered first aiders that have done the course and have a valid certificate to help be a first aid at the event in case of any incidents that require first aid treatment.

Please let me know if you are interested in this as it is good to have people in with the groups

but also in the rally field. Your name and contact will appear in rally control as a responder.

Please contact us if you are willing to help out. If you’re not sure because you haven’t done it before then please call or email me to find out and we are there to support you.