Road Taxed Vehicle Trials

RTV Trials Competitions

MROC Road Taxed Vehicle (RTV) Trials (& Cross Country Vehicle [CCV]) Trials can normally be entered by any paid-up member of MROC or another ALRC registered Land Rover Club.

A valid membership card will need to be shown during Signing-on & the vehicle needs to be compliant with the ALRC Rules & Regs.
The exception is that some trials may be occasionally “Closed to Club” & can only be entered by MROC club members (these will always be identified on our Calendar).

All trials normally have an entry fee of £25 per driver if paid by cash on the day of the trial or £20 if pre-booked ahead of the trial, paying by PayPal (See separate info ref Pre-booking).

Pre-Booking Events
Pre-Booking of entries is possible for most of our events upto 1 day before the event (if you use PayPal).
Cost is £20 - saving £5 versus the on the day cost of £25.
If you subsequently can’t compete or the event is called off, we will provide a voucher for the cost paid, for use at any later MROC trials event.

To Pre-book follow the relevant link next to the event.
Non MROC members please quote an abbreviation for their club name where the form asks for Membership number or ask via email or Facebook if you need pre-booking assistance.
For those who pre-booked for Aggs Hill in December, but didn't trial, remember you have a voucher you can use! You will have received it via email after the December event, but contact us if you have problems.

Free / Reduced Cost Trials :
For an undefined period from June 2018, MROC will offer :

  • 2 FREE trials to all New Members OR
  • 2 trials @ £12.50 for existing members who’ve not trialled for 2 years or more.

As this offer will generates costs for MROC, there’s a few Terms & Conditions, as below:

Terms & Conditions of the Free / Reduced Cost Trial Offer :

  1. MROC committee retains the right to terminate this offer at any time if they believe it is no longer in the best interest of the club.
  2. Only applicable to paid up members of the club (it is possible to pay cash & join on the day of the first trial).
  3. Only applicable to MROC organised trials.
  4. IMPORTANT : Some trials will be excluded from the offer (Eg Wigmore in Shropshire & the Major’s Memorial Trial) where the club can’t justify the offer economically.
    These will be identified on the club website.
  5. The Free trials offer is only valid within 12 months of joining as a New member.
  6. For existing club members, the offer is available if they haven’t taken part in a trial within 24 months of the offer being used - either via MROC or other ALRC clubs.
  7. Drivers using the offer must “Sign-on” for trials as for all other drivers.
  8. If a driver enters a trial, but withdraws before the trial starts, it will not count towards the “2”.
  9. After using the 2 free / reduced cost trials, drivers entering further MROC trials must pay the standard trial entry fee in place at the time.
  10. Drivers using the offer CAN’T Pre-Book for trials, BUT we’d prefer that they let us know in advance via Facebook or email if they may be competing as it will help pre-trial decision making whether the event should go-ahead or not.
    Letting us know you may be coming will not be treated as a commitment !

Laying Out of Trials

Most of our Club RTV trials are normally laid out by 2 or 3 volunteers the day before the trial.

To reduce the likelihood of having to cancel events due to lack of “Layers Out” & to share out the laying out activity during the year,  an MROC RTV driver must lay out / help lay out at least 1 MROC organised RTV during the year to be eligible for RTV League Awards / Trophies.

It doesn’t mean you have to lay out in order to compete !

This shouldn't put any drivers off, as even if you're not sure what's involved, we can provide guidance from experienced Layers Out & it will only take up 4 or 5 hours of the Saturday before a trial.

It's a great way of getting an extra days off-roading for FREE & it’s very satisfying to set the driving challenge for your fellow competitors.

If you’d like to Lay Out for a specific event or find out what’s involved, please get in touch with us at -

Event Timing Info, Regulations etc

Timing for most events is as follows :
9:00 ~ 9.30am - Signing-on and vehicle scrutineering.
9.45am            - Drivers’ / Marshals’ briefing (& Entry gates potentially closed)
10.00am           - Trialling start

Details about vehicle eligibility, other rules & regs & event scoring can all be found in our 'Supplementary Regulations' or 'SR's' Click Here to view the latest SR's
NB : We welcome ALRC “Q” Class vehicles & unlicenced drivers of 16 (#1) or over at our trials if they have a passenger who has a licence.
Note #1 : Or 15 if they’ve competed in 4 TYRO events & have a licensed passenger.

Trials Cancellation

Trials may be cancelled / changed at short notice for a variety of reasons beyond our control
(Land owner request, ground conditions unsuitable, insufficient competitors etc).

Please check the Website / Facebook Group before setting off for a trial in case of any cancellations / major changes.
It’s always easier for us to let people know of such changes if you can let us know beforehand you may be coming, it isn’t treated as a commitment !

If we have to cancel, any drivers who’ve pre-booked / pre-paid will receive a voucher to use at a future MROC trial.

2018 RTV League

What is RTV?

RTVs are a step up from TYROs, as more severe terrain may be used and therefore greater skill and experience are required. An RTV should still be non-body damaging to sensibly prepared production vehicles and all vehicles must be fully road legal, with tax (if applicable), MOT and insurance.

RTVs are run as trials, which means you drive through pairs of canes (gates) which indicate the route. A RTV isn't about speed or finishing in the shortest time, it's about planning and precision driving though terrain which may be hilly, bumpy, muddy, sandy, gravely and/or partially flooded

Competitors have to navigate through 10-12 gates without stopping, rolling back or touching a cane. Some gates may be hidden by natural features of the land and you're not allowed to cross your own tracks between a gate, therefore, planning is essential so that you can remember your route.  Long wheelbase vehicles such as Defender 110, Range Rover and Discovery are allowed a manoeuvre called a Shunt, whereby you can call "Shunt" loudly before stopping, and then reverse in order to make a turn. A Shunt is available once and once only per section.

Gates start at 12 or 10 (depending on section length) and each time you pass through a gate without touching the canes, you receive the score of the next gate. If a cane is touched, you will receive the score of that gate (for example, if you get your front wheel through gate 2, and then stop you will get a score of 1. However, if you clipped a cane for gate 2, you'll score 2). If the section is completed without stopping or touching a cane, you'll get a clear score which is zero points (and normally a round of applause!). This is not a timed event, and the winner is the driver who scores the lowest points.

Trophies are awarded in classes according to various eligibility categories, such as on vehicle length and type.


League Archive

2017 RTV League
01 Jan 2018 | pdf | 82KB
2016 RTV League
01 Jan 2017 | pdf | 201KB

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