Chair Page November 2016

Hello Members,

This month I am afraid my report will be short and sweet, hopefully this will not be my last as the AGM approaches, I am looking to continue and run for another year. The AGM is being held on Wednesday 9th November at the Land Rover Social Club, 8PM. Please come to support the club and have your say about how the club is being run. If you are looking to fill a position on the committee please speak to myself or another committee member.

I know it is VERY late in the year now and the drivers briefing/2017 calendar meeting has not yet taken place, this is partly my own fault as there was not a date set earlier in the year, this will not happen again and will be planned for Sept 2017.. However, we have booked the function room at the Nevill Arms, B96 6NB for 8pm. I and a few others will be there slightly earlier to order food beforehand should anyone else care to join us, you are more than welcome, they have a good variety of choices on their menu and at competitive prices. The calendar of events for 2017 will be distributed on the website and in the journal before the end of November and will be sent out with Decembers journal, again I apologise for the lateness of this happening. Talking about 2017, I am not 100% sure if the Clee Hill Car Trial is taking place in January, I do hope it is as it can be a very exciting event, if they approach us to support them with the recovery, are you interested?... Watch this space in December’s issue!

Looking forward we have bonfire night which Kelly has arranged a social at the Rose and Crown, they will have a bonfire along with fireworks and a BBQ if you want to bring the family down it will be nice to see you and also the Christmas party is upon us. Please keep yourselves updated with the events for social and let Kelly know if you are bringing any children. For more details check out the social area.

The ALRC EGM is on taking place at the Motor Museum, Gaydon on the 12th November. Anyone is welcome to attend these if you are interested, I am unable to attend this meeting due to work so if anyone is able to attend to support the club by being there it would be good to catch up with you afterwards, let me know.

CCROC are holding their event at Whittington on the 20th November. Always good fun. Not forgetting Newmans, Dave has organised the Christmas meal and rally weekend around the trials to get people together. If you are interested in taking part of the rally at Cross Hands Camp site in Morton in Marsh please book in with Dave, the meal is booked for the 3rd December but you will need to let Dave know so he can reserve your spot.

If you are planning to come to any of these event towards the end of the year I am starting to round up the annual trophies from those who received them last March to get them ready for Prize Giving in April, I will be looking to receive these back in January, gives you plenty of time to say your good byes, unless you are the winner again, I am hoping to take back the ladies RTV trophy, though I cannot see it happening and I and too scared to even look!! Sad, yes I know. Looking to get out there next year as celebrating big time 50 years!!!

Plans for the 50th Dinner Dance are underway. You may have seen more information about this in various place. Do try and book as early as you can, especially if you are wanting to stop in the hotel as there are limited rooms reserved! More information will follow. Check out the advert in the journal and on the website. We would love as many people there as possible celebrating this special occasion. Please come and share your memories with everyone, I especially would love to hear some older stories from the early days.

There is always something happening; please check out the calendar for future events, there is something every month for the family to enjoy. Please get in touch if you want to help out with anything. Until next month (hopefully)… Stay happy!


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