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Happy May members,

Wow, so much has happened, where to begin. I hope you all had a fantastic Easter Holiday, I haven’t had a proper catch up with anyone with regards to Eastnor but the overall feedback on the weekend has been great, I understand it was a bit soggy but everyone was still willing. Thank you to all those who made the weekend happen, the organisers, campers the competitors etc. I always look forward to this event as it is usually the first interclub of the year I can get too to have a catch up and I must say, I did miss not being there this year. However the reason I could not make it was I that I had a date with Mickey Mouse on a family holiday to Florida, America which was a trip of a lifetime.

Before then, as mentioned in last month’s issue, I had spent near on 6 weeks in Sweden for the Jaguar Land Rover Ice Academy. This was an amazing event which I hope to be a part of next year. It is a long time to be away from home but too much of an amazing experience to pass on, I am hoping to do a little write up on my experience (when I get round to it) for anyone interested to know what I’ve been up to.

It has been a little bit full on this year with regards to work and personal life so I apologise if I have not been around much or not replied to emails or messages, this is not personal and I am not ignoring you, it has just been a little frantic at times. If it wasn’t for the rest of the committee members I have lent on (a lot) and of course you the members I would hate to see what would become of the club. So thank you all for keeping the club going. There will be a more detailed report on the club in Junes issue once I May’s meeting has taken place and I have caught up.

It seems like a lot has happened over the past couple of months since my last report, Alex Griffiths has stood down from the committee as Green Lane Co-ordinator, Alex was on committee for 3 years, 4 months, mainly as the Website Editor and he has supported the most of the events over the past 4-5 years, hopefully we will continue to see him. Thank you Alex for the years you served on committee and the effort and time you gave over the years.

This means we are now looking for someone to run/oversee Green Laning as well as the Trials, Press and Publicity and not forgetting, a new Journal Editor. Don’t get me wrong, Ruth has done an amazing job with the journal the past 5 months, however we did say this was a temporary position and we are looking for someone to take this on permanently, if you are interested in any of the positions listed please contact a committee member. Thank you again Ruth for stepping in. It would like to take the time to say if we do not have anyone to take on the role we may look at doing a quarterly newsletter/journal which could have a huge effect of getting information out to you in time.

I would also like to take this time to say, Stuart has been on the committee now for 12 months as the Assistant Club Secretary so it will be discussed at the next meeting to whether he would like to continue with the role and make this permeant until the next AGM this coming November where he will stand down for re-election with the rest of us who choose to continue.

Jonathan is still working hard with the new website, so you should start to see some changes over the next few months.

Unfortunately the RTV at Birdlip was cancelled due to the bad weather. For those who don’t know Birdlip, it is a great sight but the ground but be pretty dry as it is mainly grass so can be very challenging when wet, never mind the damage we could cause to the land. This has happened in the past and the day is spent mainly recovering vehicles from the section whilst standing around in the cold and wet. We will look at possibly using the site again later in the year. The next club RTV will be the open event in July at Wigmore including CCVT. The next interclub RTV and CCVT is Baden Hall.

Things to be aware of coming up;

         S&SLRC Interclub at BADEN HALL 4th – 7th May

Details can be found on our website as well as Staffs and Shrops LRC’s website.

May 12th & 13th - Land Rover Show 2018, Gaydon

We have booked a pitch for the club and response, would be looking for people to volunteer to help talk to people. We are looking at attending more shows moving forward as this is something we have moved away from. Information can be found on the website. If you have a vehicle you would like to put onto display whis would be good, something interesting that could get people talking, As well as Land Rover celebrating 70 years, they are also celebrating 50 years of the Lightweight.

Tickets are available if you would like to have a day out at the how for £10 adult, £6 child. Camping is also available should you want to spend a weekend of it. Free vehicle pass and admission for those who can help. Contact, Stuart, Kelly, John or myself for details on this.

2018 National Rally

Details can be found on the ALRC website, don’t forget, MROC are supporting the TYRO, if you want to help marshal, please contact Richard Parry and Dave Ball. Read more in their report.

Cornwall and Devon Charity Event

June 9th and 10th. This is a great event raising money for ST Luke’s Hospice. This is a 2 day RTV team event but it is also in a beautiful part of Devon so even if you just want to get away for the weekend, this is the time to do it.

Majors 2018

Dates are confirmed for 14th – 16th September. I would really like someone to come forward to run this event or even help assist. I really enjoy organising this event and working with everyone to make it happen so please contact me and I will help you along with others who have done it before if you would like to give it a go.

To get more involved join in with the social evenings, it’s a chance to speak to people face to face and they are always good fun. Kelly has had some really good ideas suggested so keep your eyes on the social page. The next one is the Land Rover Show, Gaydon where we will be having a picnic by the club stand. June will be at the Black Boy. See Kelly’s social page to find out details and what’s coming up in the future.

Fancy a relaxing weekend away don’t forget to look at Jim’s Caravan / Camping events he has organised this year, the next one is in Barnstable 4th – 12th May. See his page for details or the website.

One last thing, hopefully you will have seen the write up from Richard Parry with regards to a trip to Spain for the Les Comes Land Rover Party last year. This is something I am keen to run again if anyone is interested. As this is we are celebrating 70 years, I think it will be an amazing experience. This is something that doesn’t come cheap but is worth every penny. Everything about it is an adventure in itself. I will be looking at tickets, accommodation and travel over the next few weeks as I would like to get info in Junes issue. This year it will be happening 28th, 29th and 30th September. The options for travel are ferry or Eurotunnel and drive through France. This year I would be looking at driving across France. Last year as a total it cost around the £1200 mark. If you would like to know more please contact me.

 Thank you all, keep up the good work all, happy Land Rovering.




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