Chair Page March 2018

Happy March members,

I’d like to say thank you to Ruth for stepping in and helping with the club journal, this is not a permanent position for Ruth, she is merely helping the club out so that you can still receive information each month. If anyone would like to take over please contact me or Ruth to see what’s involved. If we do not get someone to take on this role we may be looking at doing a quarterly newsletter/journal. We don’t want it to come to this so please contact me if you think you would like to help.

We are also still looking for Press and Publicity, I would really like to get someone into this role as the committee have some great ideas but would need someone to help carry them out to get the club’s name/presence back out there?

Jonathan is working hard with the new website so you should start to see some changes over the next few months.

Trials – We need people to help layout at trials, we have been discussing the best way of making this happen, a meeting possibly at Avon Dassett or Eastnor will be help to discuss this moving forward so please bring an open mind and ideas so we can make this work well for everyone.

Green Laning – Do you want to take part in a day out? Help us plan a successful day so we can tailor days to what you drive, whether it’s shiny and sparkly and you don’t want to scratch it to not being too bothered if you get the odd scratch here and there. Let us know what you drive if you are interested in taking part.


Things to be aware of coming up;

ALRC meeting – 17th March, there is a proposal for a rule change regarding engines and wheel spacers. If you are interested in knowing what is going on in the ALRC please attend the meeting to support your club. To see the proposal and where the meeting is held, check out the ALRC website.

Easter at Eastnor is not that far away now, unfortunately I will be unable to attend this year, first time in 10 years!!

Classic Catering will be there with food and bar, please support them. Prize giving will also be help in the marquee by Liz Guilding at 8pm. Details for the weekend can be found under camping or social. Well done to those who have won trophies from last year from either the MROC League or the ALRC National Rally. I hope you can make it to the prize giving, if not please can you let either Liz or me know.


New dates for the calendar;

Sunday, April 22nd we are looking to support the Blood Bikes Charity, you may have heard of the parade that takes place in Shirley, Solihull, it’s the world’s largest unofficial St Georges Day parade. We have been asked to support and help with marshalling traffic whilst the parade takes place. If you are interested please let me know as they are looking for around 8-10 motors to help.

Details are;

Meet in Tesco’s car park, 5pm. The parade will start approx. 6pm and will last for about an hour, once the parade has finished a drink to toast the parade will take place in Henley afterwards. This has happened for many years and it’s nice to be asked to help so please let me know if you could make it.

May 12th & 13th - Land Rover Show 2018, Gaydon.

We hope to have a presence there with our club stand so we would be looking for people to volunteer to help talk to people. We are looking at attending more shows moving forward as this is something we have moved away from. Information can be found on the website. Tickets are available if you would like to have a day out at the how for £10 adult, £6 child. Camping is also available should you want to spend a weekend of it.

         Celebrating 70 years of Land Rover – Watch this space!!


National Rally TYRO May we now have Clerks of Course thanks to Dave Ball and Richard Parry, we would like to get as many members on board with this so please contact me if this is something you would like to get involved with, the more people the easier it will be! I would like to start getting this together so we are prepared.

Booking is now open for the National Rally.


Majors 2018;

Dates are confirmed for 14th – 16th September. We need someone to run this event as I won’t always be here too. I really enjoy organising this event and working with everyone to make it happen so please contact me and I will help you along with others who have done it before if you would like to give it a go.


To get more involved join in with the social evenings, it’s a chance to speak to people face to face and they are always good fun. Kelly has had some really good ideas suggested so keep your eyes on the social page.


Keep up the good work all, happy Land Rovering.





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