Chair Page February 2017

Hello members,

So, we have started the year off with our first RTV trial of the year at Buildwas back on the 15th, Thank you to Tim Kemp and Colin Andrews for laying this event out and to Alex Griffiths for helping on the Sunday. We were close to cancelling this event as we had no one to lay out except for Tim, so thank you to Colin and Alex for coming forward at the last minute to help save the day.

We have help support the Clee Hill car trials on the 22nd by volunteering our off road vehicles to support the recovery, thank you to everyone who came forward for this. I would add your names but there are quite a few, you know who you all are. Hopefully we will get support this event moving forward for many more years. I hope you all had a good day. There was a green laning trip on the 29th which has not happened yet so more on that in March’s issue.

Booking has now closed for the 50th Celebration Dinner Dance which is taking place on the 4th March. You shall receive your tickets some time during this month. We are looking forward to celebrating this milestone with you all. I for one cannot wait and am looking forward to the 4th March.

There have been a few updates to the calendar over the last month starting with February as we have cancelled the RTV at Newman’s Quarry so we can support CCROC with their trail at Aggs Hill on the 19th, the date is the same. Birdlip has now been confirmed for 1st October but unfortunately Coney Green had already been booked for the 29th so we are now waiting for confirmation for the 22nd. Please keep your eye on the calendar in the journal and on the website as updates will happen.

I have started to receive trophies back from last year’s winners. Please can you hand these to a member of committee before the end of February as we will be getting them engraved in March ready for Easter in April which is now being planned, most of the land has been confirmed thanks to Richard Smith for sorting this. We will be holding the prize giving in the bowling club. See advert for details. Let’s make the most of every event we do, hope to see you there.

Due to work, I will be out of the country all of February so those who need to get hold of me please email or PM me on Facebook me to avoid any roaming charges as I will be picking up Wi-Fi in the hotels so I will be able to respond as and when I can.

We are still looking for Clerk of Course(s) to head up the Majors in September.

This doesn’t mean you will be alone in running the event, you will be the main point of contact for the sections of the trial, laying them out etc. It is hard work, Hamish Grundy and Ben Tandy were last year’s CoC’s if you would like to know what the position entails, I am sure they would be happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding this, along with many more members that have done it over previous years. You can contact us on Facebook, via email or phone.

It’s not just CoC’s we look for as there are many areas within the Majors to make the weekend happen, ie. Marshals, Signing On, Camping, Set Up the site, Tea Making, Scrutineering, Rally Control, Scoring, organising the lunches, the list goes on, if you are interested in taking part let the committee know but we need someone to set out the trials to make the weekend happen.

There is always something happening; please check out the calendar for future events, there is something every month for the family to enjoy. Please get in touch if you want to help out with anything or you have an idea for a social etc.

Until next month… Stay happy!


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