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Merry Christmas Members

It’s that time of year to hang up your stockings, eat some mince pies and have a drink or two.

Come and celebrate with us at the Christmas social on the 1st Dec at the Rose and Crown pub on the Portway, Redditch. If you can’t make that, join us at Newmans Quarry for the Christmas RTV set out by me and Richard Banks, the trial will be followed by a Christmas meal at the Greedy Goose on the Saturday evening, contact Kelly if you’d like to go as we need to pre book, camping is also available over the weekend, see the article posted on our website or later on in the journal for details.

It was great to see so many supporting the AGM, a little bit different to last year; it was nice to catch up with some members I have not seen in a while. We will get the minutes out to you in the New Year however a couple of key notes to keep you going until then. Committee positions are remailing the same, all current members of the committee we re-elected for another year, no new members were nominated so we still have Trials, Green Lanes, Press & Publicity, Recovery / TYRO and Journal positions to fill. At the AGM, Ruth Smith stood down from the temporary role of Journal Editor but has been able to stay with us for the time being but delivering a quarterly journal newsletter so unfortunately you will not be receiving a journal every month now, if you are able to help with this and would like to continue delivering the journals monthly we will be happy to welcome you on board. It has been great to see the support Ruth has had with articles; she has done a fantastic job, would you like to have a go???

It was also highlighted at the AGM we have had issues with communication and this has affected our relationship with Eastnor Castle, this has been taken on board by the committee and are now working with Richard Smith to rectify any issues raised. To make members aware if you are not already, we as a committee have a group email; if anything is sent to this address the who committee as a group will receive it, someone will get back to you. Communication is something that we are all working on and I apologise to anyone who has been affected by lack of communication in the past. We the committee and you the members, need to work together to make this a success. If you have anything you wish to share please contact us. You can read all about it in the New Year as well as other ideas shared and notes on where the club is heading etc.

Great day out at Newman’s Quarry for the Timed Trial, thanks to everyone who was involved with making the day happen, it was overwhelming to see so many taking part as well as there to show support and spectate, will we see more these take place next year.. There is a chance! Keep your eye out on the calendar.

Green Laning is proving to be a success – having delivered 3 trips since June we are hoping to put more on the calendar for 2019. Thank you everyone who has helped support this area of the club. If you have a trip in mind that you would like to see or make happen please contact us.


You may have heard that Clee Hill Car trials will be taking place again on Sunday 20th January 2019. I am desperately looking for someone to take on the role as liaison to work with MAC in making this happen. As well as looking for a liaison I am on the hunt for people to support the event with helping with recovery. For those who haven’t seen or heard of the event before take a look at what it is about, it makes a great day out esp if you get involved and see it so close up! the website also has a gallery. If you fancy helping or want to know more, please contact me and as soon as I find a liaison I will pass your details on. Please help and support this event.

Kelly has been busy with planning and running her socials, the firework night was a great night out, I am looking forward to the Christmas Party on the 24th November and the Meal in December at the Greedy Goose, I believe she has planned all the way up to April and has been given ideas now suggested by a few members, if you have any ideas please share them with us.

Booking for the 2019 National Rally to be held at Whaddon Milton Keynes is now OPEN, you have until the 9th May to get your entries in.

Thank you to club members who have shared their stories about either travelling or rebuilding a vehicle, we love to hear what you have been up too so keep sending them in, we would like to hear all about it.

You should now be able to see 2019 calendar of events on the website and a copy sent out to you. Some events are still TBC, please check regularly for any changes.

If you are planning to attend any events and you currently hold an MROC trophy please can you return this to a member of the committee before March, thank you.

Fingers crossed you should be seeing the new website rolling out in the New Year!

Thanks to the members for their support, we will continue to do our best for the club over the next 12 months.

I’d like to wish you all a very

Merry Christmas and a

Happy New Year




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