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Hello Members,

Here we are again for another year, thank you for those who were able to come and support the AGM on the 9th November, next year’s AGM has already been added to the diary for the 8th November 2017. I would just like to take this time to welcome our newest members of the committee, Tracy Allen who has taken on the role of Press and Publicity and Liz Guilding who will be organising the Club Merchandise. Secretary / Vice Chair / Trials Coordinator / Green Lane Organiser, remain vacant. We really need to fill the secretary role and also the trials role. The minutes from the AGM will be available on the website soon and will also be sent out with your next journal.

The ALRC EGM meeting took place, again there were certain discussions regarding the ‘Q’ class within trials events which is being trialled for the next 2 years, please read the minutes from the meeting (when they are available) for more information on this and to find out what’s happening across the ALRC, better still, why not attend the next one (see the calendar events for the date).

We have also had the Calendar of Events meeting for 2017, again thanks for those who were able to come and share their input on what we deliver as a club next year. Please find a copy of the calendar in this month’s journal, a downloadable version will be available on the website along with the live Google calendar,  events for Jan & Feb have been confirmed however please take note that some events are still ‘to be confirmed’, these should be done by January’s journal but the dates should stay as shown. The Calendar of Events – 2018 has been set for 26th September so we are able to get this out giving people more notice for the following year. I mentioned the Clee Hill Car Trial last month, this is taking place on 22nd Jan, I am looking for someone to organise the volunteers like I did last year as due to work I won’t be able to, please contact me if you are interested in this event. We are hoping to do some green laning trips in 2017 so please look out for more information on this in the journal, website and Facebook, starting with the first one on 29th January, more information on where we are going and where to meet will be in the next month’s issue and also everywhere else.

All of these events are on the calendar; please take a look at what we have planned, if you would like to lay out a certain event for the trials or help organise a recovery event, green laning, social etc, please speak to a member of the committee via phone, email or at an event.

You will also find the booking form for the 2017 ALRC National Rally in the journal and on the website; this is open until 30th April ’17.

Looking now to what we have in the final month of the year, Dave has organised the Christmas meal and rally weekend around the trials to get people together at the Cross Hands Camp site in Morton in Marsh. Newman’s Quarry is booked for Sunday 4th December, the traditional ‘dress your motor’ up will be appreciated again. Some fantastic efforts last year, we will have a small prize for the winning vehicle/person. Kelly has organised the Christmas Party, there will be a buffet and games for the children, please come and join us for a festive drink at the Washford Mill on the 9th December. Please let her know if you will be bringing any children

Plans for the 50th Dinner Dance are in place; contact Kelly for details on this and to book your tickets. You may have seen more information about this in various places. Do try and book as early as you can, especially if you are wanting to stop in the hotel as there are limited rooms reserved! More information will follow. Check out the advert in the journal and on the website. We would love as many people there as possible celebrating this special occasion. Please come and share your memories with everyone, I especially would love to hear some older stories from the early days.

. If you are planning to come to any events towards the end of the year I need to round up the annual trophies from those who received them last March to get them ready for Prize Giving in April, I will be looking to receive these back in January, gives you plenty of time to say your good byes, unless you are the winner again.

There is always something happening; please check out the calendar for future events, there is something every month for the family to enjoy. Please get in touch if you want to help out with anything. Until next month… Stay happy!


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