Chairlady's Report August 2018

Happy July & August members,

I hope you are all enjoying and getting the most out of this fantastic weather we are having!

So what’s has happened over the past month… The National Rally was held at Stainby over the May Bank Holiday, it’s always a great event to be a part of, I hope those who went enjoyed themselves, thank you to all that helped out over the weekend, and we had quite a good turnout from the club which is always good to see. C&DLRC held their 2 day Charity RTV at Newnham, unfortunately I could not attend this year, this is one of my favourite events and I am hoping that if it is put on next year’s calendar I would like to get a group of us going down. If anyone did go, it would be nice to hear how the weekend went. Jim held the caravan rally at Blue Lias, we also had the social at the Black Boy where we could sit outside in the garden enjoying our food and drink (makes a change) and we had our first green laning adventure of the year but more on that next time as the event has not yet happened whilst writing this article…

I need to inform you all that there has been a change with the date for 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM), this will now take place on Tuesday 6th November at the Land Rover Sports and Social Club, Solihull. Please add the date to your diary, I hope you can attend, we would like to get people to come and support the club as this is when the committee members are elected / re-elected for the 2018/19 year. This is also the place to discuss matters of the club and have your say. I hope to see you there.

Kelly is also putting plans into place regarding a Christmas Party at the Crowne Plaza, see Kelly’s article for details, this should be a good night, we have thought about doing something different for Christmas, I understand it is a busy time of the year but I hope you can join us, numbers need to be known by the end of JULY.

Due to the holiday season and the Majors approaching, I am happy to put on another green lane day if the 17th June is successful, I would possibly be looking at the 2nd September and the 10th November, I know this date is later than my original dates but due to work and time to recce and advertise it this however I am happy to do a Warwickshire trip as a day out and also looking at the Shropshire area.

Please keep an eye on the website and Facebook for more details on this.

As the July / August Journal is combined this didn’t give us much time to advertise it for early September so please add these dates to your diary

As I am happy to organise and plan these dates for green lane trips, I would appreciate if there was anyone out there that would be able to help lead a group if we have a large turnout as we are restricted to numbers within a group. I would provide the route if you have the maps. It’s good fun (esp if you get lost!! Haha)


Things to be aware of coming up;

  • Social Weekend – 13th, 14th & 15th All pre-booked pitches are fully booked but I believe there is still room.
  • Open Event Wigmore – 22nd July
  • Welland Steam Fair – 25th – 30th July
  • 2 Week Holiday Rally – 3rd – 18th August at Pembrokeshire
  • Baskerville Challenge – 23rd -27th August, Clyro.
  • 18th Majors 2018, 14th – 16th September, booking closes 29th August 2018
    • The club needs your help to run this event – if your interested in getting involved please see page ?? for more details!!
  • MROC 2019 Calendar Meeting – 25th If you have any ideas for a social, green laning, trials etc please come and share so we can organise what’s on the calendar next year.


Another reminder looking at Decembers Trial as this will be held on a Saturday at Newman’s Quarry like we used to do followed by a Christmas meal on the Saturday night as camping is available over the weekend nearby. Please let us know if you are interested in coming to the Christmas meal and/or camping for the weekend.

UPDATE - 12th Land Rover Party held at Les Comes Spain, 28th, 29th & 30th September 2018, tickets are still on sale, check out their website for details if you are interested, there are hotels nearby but camping is also available. Follow them on Facebook and look at their website

If this is something you are interested in let me know as I am looking into the planning now. You will have to book it but I am happy to provide the details you need. Thank you to those who have shown interest and to those who have already booked, I am looking forward to this trip with you. Limited spaces on the ferry for anyone thinking about coming.

Please make sure you are up to date with the ALRC, minutes can be found on our website, information can and will be distributed when necessary

Thank you all, keep up the good work all, happy Land Rovering.




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