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Hello members, can you believe it is April already?... The dinner dance has been and gone, thank you to all of those who came, I hope you all enjoyed your evening, what a way to kick start the 50th year. Well done to Kelly for organising such a fantastic evening, with the support of Liz and Ruth, it’s a shame there were so many that could not attend, we hope you can join us for other events that we will be having like Easter and the Major’s.

Thank you to those who took part in the bumper sticker competition held on the evening of the dinner dance. Well done to Jonathan Jones (and Zoe) who put in a great design and won, you will see this in the near future.

We hope you enjoy you’re the tour of 50 years of Range Rover.

Unfortunately the first CCVT of the year was cancelled due to lack of drivers, thank you to Adrian Greggory for his efforts, the next one will be at Eastnor at Easter this month, fingers crossed we will get a good turnout for this. The RTV at Avon Dasset was successful with the support of CCROC holding a TYRO on the same day, thank you to Alex Garton, Tracy Allen, Gareth and Rachel Roberts for laying out. The next RTV will be Easter at Eastnor. Easter is approaching fast, we have a full weekend packed full of fun for all to enjoy. Classic Catering will be on site Friday – Tuesday serving their yummy food and drink. Don’t forget prize giving will be held in the bowling club on the Saturday evening, everyone is welcome the more the merrier. Those who have won a trophy, please could you let me know if you can / cannot attend to collect your trophy, I hope you will all be able to make it?... Please contact Dave to book your pitch for camping, pre booking for the trials will go live soon if it has not done so already. See the advert for more details or get in touch.

The ALRC held their AGM at the British Motor Museum on the 18th March, it would be nice if we could get some support from the members at these meetings to get your input, the minutes will be distributed when they come through for you all to read as there will be some rule changes to read about, not forgetting the new Green Book which has arrived, please get a copy of this at any event, they will also be on site at Eastnor, Easter weekend. Whilst we are on the matter of changes, moving forward, the Midland Rover Owner’s Club will be supporting young / unlicensed drivers at events subject to them starting from TYRO and working their way through, they will need to provide documents stating they have competed in TYRO and RTV, at least 4 events of each to compete in CCVT to show they are competent to take part. We look forward to seeing the trials grow.

The National Rally booking is still open, all competition entries must be received by 30th April and all camping only entries must be received by the 10th May. Please use the ALRC website to download the booking form and to get up to date information.

Wanted - Clerk of Course(s) to head up the Majors in September.

This doesn’t mean you will be alone in running the event, you will be the main point of contact for the sections of the trial, laying them out etc. It is hard work, Hamish Grundy and Ben Tandy were last year’s CoC’s if you would like to know what the position entails, I am sure they would be happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding this, along with many more members that have done it over previous years. You can contact us on Facebook, via email or phone.

It’s not just CoC’s we look for as there are many areas within the Majors to make the weekend happen, ie. Marshals, Signing On, Camping, Set Up the site, Tea Making, Scrutineering, Rally Control, Scoring, organising the lunches, the list goes on, if you are interested in taking part let the committee know but we need someone to set out the trials to make the weekend happen.

There is always something happening; please check out the calendar for future events, there is something every month for the family to enjoy. Please get in touch if you want to help out with anything or you have an idea for a social etc. It is that time of year where there is a lot going on within the ALRC, any support it great appreciated, I know we and other clubs would not say no if you would like to help with anything.

Baden Hall, Baskerville Challenge, The Mendip Challenge (don’t forget this is in July this year). C&D’s Charity Event, Welland, the Summer Holiday Rally and many more.

We hope to see you out and about.

Until next month… Stay happy!


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