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The Midland Rover Owner's Club exists to promote, organise and participate in events and meetings with other owners, drivers and enthusiasts of Land Rovers. 

Why Join MROC?

We’re a friendly, family orientated club for Land Rover owners & enthusiasts around the West Midlands. You can see the location of most of our off-road trials sites via the “Directions” page

It doesn’t cost a lot per year & it get’s you access to our activities. We have something happening every month. See the “About Us & FAQ” page for what we do & the “Calendar” page to get idea of what happens / when.

As a member you can compete in our off-road TYRO, RTV or CCV trials - as a driver or passenger (even spectating is a great way to learn how capable all Land Rovers are off-road & if you’re willing to compete there’s always a lot of friendly advice available).
Members as young as 13 can enter TYRO trials & 15 or over RTV & CCV trials (subject to some additional conditions).

As a member you can come along to our camping / caravanning & Greenlaning events.

As a member, subject to having a suitable vehicle & training, you can also join our 4x4 Response Group.

As a well-established (in 2017 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary !), very experienced club, our events are safe, well planned & comply with all legislation / regulation requirements.
The Club is an active member of the ALRC (UK Association of Land Rover Clubs) & Motorsports UK (the governing body of motorsport in the UK)

We provide a Club Journal most months with stories / photos of recent events, calendar of future events, members For Sale adverts, member info etc.

As a member of MROC, you can also take part in other ALRC club events without joining that club (you only need to pay any event specific fees & show your MROC Membership card)

Motor club members often get discounted car insurance (although we’d suggest always getting a quote before you tell them you are a member to be sure the discount is “real” !)

Try Before You Buy!

If you’re new to the Land Rover “scene” & as you need to be paid up club member to compete, we'd recommend you come along to our Social events, spectate at our off-road events or see what members are chatting about via our Facebook Group without being a member.
It’s a good way to see what we do & whether it fits what you’d like to be involved in before you commit to join / spend any money !

Membership Information

If you’re ready to join the club as a New Member, Renew you’re existing membership or Re-join after a membership break, please select either of the above options.
If you’re not yet ready to join, please read the “Why Join MROC” information below.

Membership Application Notes:

  1. If you apply online you can pay immediately if you have a PayPal account.
  2. If you apply online but don’t want to use PayPal, you can pay after submitting your online application by making a personal payment (BACS / Bank transfer) from your bank account to MROC by using either your internet / telephone banking or in your bank branch (Use the info. on the email you receive to confirm your application).
  3. If applying by post, please pay by attaching a cheque payable to MROC Ltd with your application form (the relevant address is on the bottom of the form).
  4. If re-joining the club after your previous membership has lapsed – Ie after 1st April of the expiry year on your membership card, Membership Fees are as a New Member.
    (Renewal fees only apply whilst you / Family Members are still a member – ie until end of March of the Membership Year).
    If you re-join after a “lapse” of more than 1 year, you receive a new membership number & card.
  5. If you wish to apply for New Membership, Renew or Re-Join for multiple individuals at the same address, please contact the membership secretary via for additional guidance as the online form is not yet fully “user-friendly”.
  6. Membership packs are typically sent out by post within 7 days of an application.
  7. Contact the membership secretary via if you have any problems !

Membership Pack

New Members receive a membership pack of membership card, windscreen stickers & a free copy of the ALRC Membership Handbook (The “Green Book”) containing the various regulations / guidance for vehicles to be used for off-road competitions etc.

Membership Costs

Membership is only £30 per year for the main (Full) Member (If joining between Jan. ~ Aug.) & reduces to £25 for subsequent years if you renew each year. Renewal is due end of Feb. each year.
Family members (living at the same address) can join for £15 per year, reducing to £12.50 for subsequent renewals. NB Family members can also receive a Journal, but only via email.
If you join between 1st Sept ~ end of Dec. cost reduces to £20 (Full) & £10 (Family) due to the shorter period until the end of our membership year.

If you join between 1st Jan ~ end of Feb, we extend your membership until the end of Feb. the following year – giving you slightly more than 12 months membership.

If you want to Renew in subsequent years, we also have a Direct Debit payment option available to make payment easier & harder to forget !

Not Enough Info?

If the information here or on the “ About Us & FAQ ” page doesn’t answer any question(s) you have about joining, please use the “ Submit Information Request ” option at the top of the page to let us know your question(s) & your contact details for a response.
We normally respond within a couple of days, max.

51 years and still living the dream
1967 - 2019
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